Yoga N’ Hawaii

Join us for our fun and uplifting, donation based yoga and guided meditation sessions hosted near the beautiful beaches of Honolulu.

Proceeds will help make yoga and mindfulness accessible in under resourced communities.


    Yoga N Hawaii is dedicated to creating safe places for those in our community to develope mentally and physically through the practice of yoga and mindfulness.

    We offer no cost yoga and after school programs in underserved communities through the United States and South America.


    The practice of yoga can be, at times, intimidating. Especially when you can relate to anyone in your class.

    Yoga N Hawaii is dedicated to creating safe and inclusive spaces for “EVRYONE” to practice the art of yoga and mindfulness.

  • Mental and Emotional & Well-Being

    Yoga N Hawaii offers workshops and programming to help the development of Socail and Emotional Development of Adults and Children in underserved communities.

    We offer Trauam Informed programming that aids in the mental and emotional well-being of those we serve.


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